Abstract: Introduction:The aim of this study was to see the incidence of bedsores in our hospital and determine relating factors.

Material and Methods: This cross sectional study was performed on 71 consecutive ICU admissions at Ziauddin hospital ICU from March to May 2015. Data was analyzed on SPSS version 16 by independent sample t-test and chi square test. In 71 patients, 12 developed bedsores, of which seven were males and five were females. Available data in Performa included :demographics, functional class, comorbidities, category(surgical, medical or trauma patient), primary cause of ICU admission, total day of ICU stay, total period of mechanical ventilation, requirement of dialysis, albumen level and if bedsore developed than its details and grade.

Result:In this study, 71 patients were admitted in ICU; 40 patients, which is 56.33%, were male and 31 patients, which is 43.66%, were female. Twelve patients that is 16.90% were affected with bedsores of which seven were males and five were females and this was found to be statistically significant.

The mean age of patients with bedsores was 66.75 years +18.29 as compared to 52.42 years +18.20 in group with no bedsore development.

Total mechanical ventilation required in the group that developed bedsore was 4 days+1.67 to group with no bedsore development, which was 2.36 days + 1.21.

The patients who developed bedsore had serum albumen levels 2.54 +0.26 and group that did not develop bedsore had albumen levels 3.14 + 0.77 and the result was found to be statistically significant.

Conclusion: Development of bedsore was found to be statistically significant to the poor functional class, high mean age, total hospital stay, mean mechanical ventilation and low level of albumin.

Keywords: Bedsores, Pressure Ulcers, Hospital, Admitted patients, Intensive care unit, Incidence.

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