Preliminary Check:

Once a manuscript is received at the editorial office, it undergoes a preliminary check by the editorial office. After preliminary scrutiny, the article can be :

    1. Processed further for peer review,
    2. Sent to authors for revision and re-submission or Rejected.

Expert Peer Review :

Each manuscript is sent to reviewers who are experts in the related field and have no association with the author/s of the manuscript under review. Editor-In-Chief of the journal may suggest potential reviewers for a manuscript either from the editorial board of the journal or outside the editorial board. Peer review process is usually completed within two months after preliminary scrutiny and approval. Contact the editor office at if you do not hear about your manuscript after two months.

Revisions and Editorial Decision :

Author/s are suggested to revise their manuscripts as per the reviewer’s comments or informed about the rejection of manuscript. Names of reviewers are not disclosed to the author/s. If revisions are minor, the article is accepted after revision. However, if there is major revision, the revised article together with rebuttal letter from the author is sent back to the reviewers for rechecking. There can be only two rounds of major revisions after which the final decision is taken for the manuscript.

NJHS Editorial Process

Proofs :

Corresponding author will receive galley proofs in PDF or other legible formats for checking. Any correction therein, should be returned to the editorial office within 48 hours of the receipt. The corrected proofs should be sent back to the author for rechecking and obtaining confirmation that everything is alright before final publication.