An Insight in Understanding the Symptomatology of β-Thalassaemia Major – II

Most of the symptoms of β-thalassaemia major are considered to be due to anaemia and massive iron overload in the body.

Tahir Shamsi


To Eat or Not to Eat. The Good and Bad of Eating Barley in Type 2
Diabetic Patients

Anab Fatima

Abstract: In the previous several decades it has been noted that prevalence rate of Type 2 diabetes dramatically rising worldwide.

Received: July 04, 2017
Accepted: February 07, 2018


A Profound Insight of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in Pakistan

Asif Siddiqui, Nameera Ahmed, Aaisha Ahmed, Annum Aslam

INTRODUCTION : Sudden Cardiac Arrest is considered as a major unresolved health issue and prevalence of cardiac emergencies are common in Pakistan.

Received: December 27, 2017
Accepted: February 14, 2018


Probiotics as Living Drugs to Resolve Urinary Tract Infections

Aziz Fatima

Abstract: The increasing consumption of probiotics is due to progress made in understanding the use of probiotics.

Received: March 14, 2017
Revised: November 16, 2017
Accepted: December 29, 2017


Prevention of Medication Errors in a Pakistani Hospital Because of Concurrent Evaluations and Interventions by Pharmacists

Hassan Raza, Yasmin Akhtar

Abstract: Objective: The aim of this study is to document different pharmaceutical interventions that took place during dispensing through Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)…

Received: May 17, 2017
Revised: December 11, 2017
Accepted: December 29, 2017


Efficacy of Hematological Indices for β Thalassemia Trait Screening in Pregnant Women

Maryam Habib, Masooma Shaheen, Amina Nazir, Wardah Aslam

Abstract: Background: ß thalassemia is one of commonest inherited disorder in Pakistan having a carrier rate of 5%.

Received: November 28, 2017
Revised: December 23, 2017
Accepted: December 29, 2017


Regulatory T-cells in Acquired Aplastic Anaemia

Mehwesh Taj, Saima Munzir, Sidra Maqsood, Sumaira Shareef , Tasneem Farzana, Tahir Shamsi

Abstract: Introduction: Acquired aplastic anaemia is characterized by destruction of haematopoietic stem cells by cytotoxic T lymphocytes.

Received: November 15,2017
Revised: January 25, 2018
Accepted: January 25, 2018


Risk Factors and Complications in Measles Mortalities

Muhammad Nasir Rana, Nabila Talat, Ambreen Nasir, Muhammad Naeem Toor, Nazir Muhammad, Ahsan Waheed Rathore

Abstract: To determine the risk factors and complications in patients expired due to measles.

Received: October 26, 2017
Revised: December 21, 2017
Accepted: January 17, 2018


Frequency of Nucleophosmin1 Gene Mutation (NPM1) in Acute Myeloid Leukemia – A Single Center Experience

Samar Khurram, Saba Shahid, Sadaf Shahab, Shariq Ahmed, Tahir Shamsi

Abstract: Introduction: NPM1 mutation is considered to be an important event in the process of leukemogenesisas it affects the p53 tumor suppressor pathway in the form of frame shift mutation.

Received: November 15, 2017
Revised: February 07, 2018
Accepted: February 13, 2018


Hydatid Cyst in the Anterior Abdominal Wall; A Case Presentation

Naila Jabeen, Qamaruddin Baloch, Anila Rahim, Farhan Zaheer.

Abstract: Objective: A 30 years old male presented with swelling in right abdomen. Initially it was small but with the passage of time it gradually increased in size.

Received: December 24, 2017
Revised: February 13, 2018
Accepted: February 13, 2018


VOL. 2, NO. 4, 2017
VOL. 2, NO. 4, 2017